I couldn’t tell you what my first drawing was but I can tell you my earliest memories were of drawing stick figures with various weaponry all over my grade school workbooks. My mother often reminds me that teacher’s notes home and grade cards would read, “Dave spends too much time drawing and not enough focusing on his real work.” This pattern would continue throughout the remaining years of my schooling.

Years and years and years later, drawing continued to be something I just always did, without even thinking about it. I caught myself sketching in meetings, creating characters on Post-It notes, stories on schedules, fantasy lands on dry erase boards, creatures on windows. Even then, despite my collection of ink on paper, I never really thought much about being able to draw, let alone making the skill “real work.”

Since gifted with an iPad many years ago, I have finally opened my eyes to illustration as a serious career. Armed with my overly-fancy stylus and hours upon hours of focused drawing, I’ve found a style that reflects the simple line and color illustration that I’ve been doing since those grade school teachers ratted me out.